Why do you need Tenant Advocacy?

What is happening in the Commercial Property Industry?

In a rapidly evolving commercial property industry landscape, we wish to ensure the tenant’s office space requirements, remain paramount within the transaction.

Over recent years, industry trends have continued to evolve, prioritising worker’s wellbeing and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) strategies which aim to secure long term business vitality through sustained productivity measures.

Simply put, customisable premises are in high demand for tenants and workers alike, whereas owners need to meet new industry workability and design standards which will lead to long term tenancy agreements that are mutually beneficial to all parties.

It’s easy to feel lost when keeping up with space efficiency trends and changes in legislation. That’s why we do it for you. 

The case for the office

The post pandemic business/ property outcomes have led to alternate and intriguing trends within today’s commercial property marketplace.

We are witnessing a Flight-to-Quality and increased momentum and interest in A-grade and prime office accommodation.

During the first half of 2023, increases in rental appear to be faulting, however incentive levels are becoming more competitive.

Tenants are having to change the way they conduct their business. Tenants no longer need the amount of space they occupied prior to COVID. The Hybrid office seems to be the solution allowing employees and business owners alike to meet in the middle.

Occupancy drivers are emulating from the tenant and their employees regarding building preferences in technology capability, flexibility, amenity, wellness and sustainability. These issues are fast becoming requirements. There is no longer a rule book on where and when to work.

Tenants now require the Lessor to provide information around utilisation and performance data to assist in satisfying employee preferences.

The office now needs to fit the fast-trending hybrid office solutions where the emphasis is on performance and measurement, particularly building services and amenities.

Why attend the office?

Maximum Productivity is governed by the 3 C’s:




Where each C commands different working environments/conditions

Employee workplace requirements