Tenant Services

We are tenant service Specialists.  

We analyse and create a property strategy to solve your tenancy issues and create savings, plus utilizing our TTS, we can undertake tenancy design, project management and construction services, through our strategic partners.

We are completely INDEPENDENT and deliver tenancy solutions.

What we can do

Deliver Savings

  1. Resolve rent reviews.
  2. Lease renegotiation.
  3. New lease negotiation, including rental rates and overall lease terms and conditions.
  4. Maximising incentive levels
  5. Liaise with the Lessee’s legal advisor to expedite, conclude, ratify and agree the lease document.


To reach the selected target market, we create a Request for Information (RFI) to ensure a detailed response by the Landlord and Real Estate agents.

Once responses are submitted, we will ensure a transparent and consistent response is taken on a “like with like” basis of all options, so a comparative and informative analysis is made for the purpose of shortlisting premises. 


In searching, we approach the agreed target office grades and locations within the leasing market to ensure the brief is presented to all options.

CPC will thoroughly compare all options including market knowledge, trends and financials recommendations.

Shortlisted premises will be inspected, our design team will prepare relevant comments and recommendations regarding design and fitout processes.

Once the shortlisted premises are established, the CPC team will present fitout design, construction estimates and advise the baseline lease terms and conditions, including the financial recommendations. 

Negotiate & Manage

Our solid negotiation stance is aimed at achieving maximum incentives, market savings and ensuring the lease terms and condition entirely suit your overall business plan.

We provide financial terms on a like for like basis for an easy and transparent comparability lease analysis so you can understand the total lease term costs over the time.

Our design team will provide a space fit plan analysis for the appropriate premises to ensure your business can function adequately within the selected premises.

Should you be contemplating a renegotiation of your current lease, we will take you to the market to ensure your current landlord remains competitive, otherwise they will not treat your intent seriously.

The CPC motto is to win for our client, by negotiating the best commercial lease transaction in the current market at the time, while you continue to manage your business.

We regard our success as your success, the key being, for CPC to win it’s next job. 

Lazy Assets?

As part of our client’s Lazy Asset scope of works, CPC investigates the ‘Lazy Assets’ potential to enhance its useability and very much improve its return on investment. We establish the redevelopment/ refurbishment strategy, it’s design and the project management of the construction process, which will ensure the properties reconfiguration aligns with our client’s overall property objectives. 

Summary of CPC & Partner Services

Tenant Advocacy


Fitout/ Construction

Relocation & Makegood

CPC Service Principals

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